Ancient Tamil Nadu  


The land mass between the Himalayas and Cape Comorin is hailed as our Grand Old Country of Bharath by Bharathiyar in his “Ode to Child. During the British rule, most of the parts of south India were called ‘Madras Presidency , In ancient times Tamil Nadu was ruled by

  • Chera
  • Chola
  • Pandya

who were called Mooventhars during the ancient time, the southern part of south India was ruled by Pandyas, west by Cheras, Northeast by Cholas.

Three Sangams

  • The capital of Pandyas was Then Madurai.
  • Tamizhvalartha Thalai Sangam assembled there,
  • The Pandyas ruled over the land with Kapadapuram as its capital, Thenmadurai was taken away by the sea.
  • Kapadapuram the poets gathered and had the Second Sangam, It also became a prey to tsunami later.
  • The last Sangam was held in Madurai
  • First, Second and Third Sangam helped in the development of literature and Tamil flourished under the leadership of Pandyan Kings.

The Continent Lemuria

  • There was a big land mass connecting Africa and Australia, which was called Lemuria after the name of the monkey Lemur.It was believed that human beings evolved from the Lemurs.

Historic period:

  • The historic period of Tamil Nadu began from the Sangam Age
  • Sangam age is the period during which the poets of the Third Sangam joined together and did research on Tamil.
  • The period lasted for 400 years from BT 200 -AT 200.
  • BT-AT was calculated based on the birth year of Thiruvalluvar ie 31 B.C
  • Time can be calculated considering that Thiruvalluvar was born 31 years before Christ
  • Sangam literature, what we got now are Ettuthogai and Pathupattu
  • Poem in this literature was written by Kapilar, Paranar, Avvayyar, Nakkeerar
  • Tamil which is adaptive to grammatical norms and is called Senthamizh.
  • Tamil a classical language, because it had developed without the help of other languages.

The Three Tamil kingdoms

  • The Pandyas
  • The Chera
  • The Chola

The Pandyas


  • The Pandyan king Mudathirumaran and Thalaiyalanganathu Cheruvendra Neduncheziyan who defeated the combined forces of seven kings lived in the Pandya kingdom.
  • The one who played an important role in Sillapathigaram by saying, “Yano Arrasan; Yanae Kalvan” (I am not a king, I am the culprit) and established truth was also a renowned Pandya king.

The Chera

The famous Chera kings were

  • Sillambu Pugazh
  • Imayavaramban Neduncheralathan

The famous Chola kings were

  • Karika
  • Peruvallatha
  • Killivalavan

Famous kings of the medieval period

Rajaraja Chola

The rise of Kingdoms

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  • Mauryan Empire

  • Kushana Empire

  • The Gupta Empire