Sanjeev kumar , 89th RANK IAS -2017

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Sanjeev Kumar


First of all, I would like to congratulate each of you for this significant accomplishment.
You and your families should be proud of what you have accomplished. You are
entering into one of the most exciting and important fields that exist in the INDIA  today.“I wish you success in all your future endeavors.”



 Interview Questions Asked  by UPSC- SANJEEV KUMAR


Name- Sanjeev Kumar
Board- Smita Nagaraj Mam
Date- 21st March
5th to go before the board

Ch- what are you doing nowadays??
Ch- what do you do in carpet works(daf)
Ch- problems of the carpet industry
Ch- what is done to reduce the issue of child labor in carpet industry?
Ch- different types of carpet designs?
Ch- what are the different countries competing in carpet works with India??

M1- how do you design the carpets??
M1- how international economic condition affecting carpet industry??
M1- the impact of globalization??
M1- is there any copyright issue in carpet industry??
Ch- should Uttar Pradesh be divided??
Ch- why there is a demand for state division??
Ch- what will be the complications associated with state division??
M4- which type of movies do you like to see?
M4- name one movie??
M3- was it related to Aadhar scheme launched by the government??
M3- why the name Aadhar of the event??
M3- was it launched before or after Aadhar scheme of government.??
M3- how social media is affecting youth and leading to isolation??
M3- social media and games like blue whale are leading to loneliness among children. How it can be addressed???
M3- you have college event named Aadhar. What it was??
M4- is our education system producing literate or educated persons??
M4- what is cause and effect relationship??
M4- how it can be utilized in administration??
M4- is it possible to draw a triangle with two lines??
M4- suppose you are the director of a college. A student comes and shows you his marksheet. His GPA is 8.9 while a company is demanding GPA 9. He asks you to award grace mark so that he can apply for the job.
What will you do in n that situation???
M4- what kind of retrofitting is required in our present buildings??

M2- suppose a poor person steals a medicine to cure his ailing wife?? Is this legal or ethical??
M2- have you read any novel or book beside your subject?? ( Hobby- watching movies)
M2- why do you like this book??
M2- what is the role of a District Magistrate??
M2- do we need to curtail the role of DM so that the office can function effectively???

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